It’s all about the finish work that sets the atmosphere of your home. My forte has always been the design and construction of fine finish products


Creativity comes through our vision. Eyes see what is but vision sees what could be. Vision becomes a function of the heart and is birthed in our imagination. Every human being should have a vision for his or her life. Your vision will ignite your potential driving your purpose that takes you to your destination in life.


Every human being is born with potential. Your potential is your hidden abilities and your untapped strengths. One apple seed has inside of itself the potential to become a tree producing fruit and even growing into an orchard. You already have inside of you everything you need to become all that you can possibly be.


All matter that makes up the universe serves a purpose for us to exist. A powerful example is how valuable the sun is for life to continue on earth. It is placed at the perfect distance from our earth keeping us from burning or freezing. The process of photosynthesis provides us with oxygen and we can determine time because of the planet orbiting around the sun. I love the importance of the bees pollinating the flowers providing a third of our food supply. I believe every human being was created to live with purpose and meaning and until you discover who you are and what you carry you will never be fulfilled. There is no one like you in the world and that makes you unique. Your purpose is birthed out of love for yourself and others. Your purpose is powerful and you become valuable when you serve your gift to humanity.

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